Deon’s medications and care


Medical and care needs

Deon’s medical aid is a hospital plan only, so out-of-hospital medicines are not covered. Fortunately, thanks to the intervention and assistance of Jack Bloom MP, they can now get most of the medications prescribed through the government hospital,  but many months there is insufficient stock on hand at the hospital. Several of the drugs needed are also not available through the state.

Prescription medication that (usually) comes from the government hospital free of charge:

Epanutin capsules, Rivotril, Tramacet, Cilift, Duolin respules Inhalat, Moduretic, Cardura, Amloc, Plenish K, vitamin C, Omeprazole

The following medical items are not available from the government hospital and have to be paid for:
Lacson Syrup
Empaped suppositories
Zinc and Castor OIl
Pulmicort Sol for nebs
Picoprep Sachets
Dulcolax suppositories
Milk of Magnesia
Magnesit granules
Calcium citrate D Sachets
Vit D3
Phenergan tabs
Acc 200
Betadine for stoma care
Probiotic live culture 9 strain
Bernice makes her own pressure care cream now that works really well and has cleared Deon’s sacrum area.

Other medications that are used:

organic hemp powder
UltraFlora Immune Booster
The Real Thing Mega Omega Fish Oil
Chloramax Ophthalmic ointment for Deon’s eyes
Candizole vaginal cream for his buttocks and back
Teargel for dry eyes
Doxycyl tablets at present for a recurring eye infection

Disposable gloves, nappies and linen savers are other items that are on the “needs” list, but can only be used sparingly due to cost.

All out of hospital blood tests are at their own expense, so up until now they have avoided these tests as there is simply no money available, unless Deon is desperately ill and there is no option. Deon’s doctor would prefer a full blood count, liver and kidney function and phenytoin levels at least every three months, due to Deon being on Epanutin for seizures, but at the moment, this is just not possible.

Out of hospital chest x-rays are not covered. Any antibiotics or addition medicines that may be needed if Deon falls ill and is treated at home have to be paid for.