Deon’s financial needs

Deon and Bernice own a small locksmith business in Krugersdorp, which is managed by their son Jason. Their meagre income comes from this business, augmented by a small private pension.

After paying the mortgage bonds for the house and business, services, medical aid, phone and internet,  a funeral policy,  DSTV Compact subscription (their only entertainment), and essential foods, there is less than R2 000 available every month for Deon’s needs. Bernice cannot afford to buy nappies or linen savers on a regular basis, and uses any donations of these very sparingly.

They are fortunate to be able to get many of his chronic medications from the state hospital, but not all are available, and the cost to buy privately is high. Any acute medical problem, such as a recent eye infection, is a major strain on their limited finances.

Bernice spends very little on herself, relying on hand-me-down clothes from a friend and getting by with a minimum of toiletries.