Bernice’s FAQ

If you have any questions to ask Bernice, please feel free to email her on and we will post an answer here for all to share within a few days.


Q: What do you use to make the pressure cream?
A: I use Johnsons Baby Powder (the antiseptic one) large size, Zinc and Castor Oil cream 500g, Friars Balsam 2 x 50 ml, and 1 x Australian Tea Tree Oil. These I mix in with 2 x 1kg Dischem aqueous cream.

Q: How do you communicate with Deon now that he can’t talk? Can he still hear?
A: Deon talks with his eyes when asked questions, one blink is yes and a stare is no. You can also use an alphabet chart.
He can hear perfectly well even though he can’t talk.alphabet board

Q: I have been diagnosed with ALS MND – when will I become completely paralysed?
A: Each case is different no two cases exactly the same. Some people progress slower than others.

Q: My husband chokes badly every time he tries to eat. He has lost a lot of weight – is there anything we can do to help him eat and gain weight?
A: Yes you need to see a speech therapist and a dietician to motivate for a PEG tube. Deon’s weight dropped to 30 kg and after getting his PEG tube to administer his feeds through, and with guidance from a dietician, he is now approximately 75 to 80 kg.